Beachcombing, Port L’Hebert, Carters Beach, Amazing stone house and more…

I thought that I would share a few videos and stories that was from 2013 and earlier when I used to have my blog..then I deleted it and lost everything but these few videos. I thought that I would post a few of them again for fun. They are not great quality as back then I was using my older camera.

Little Port l’Hebert,

Heading to a new spot today..remote..excited! Can’t wait to get there, taking my gear with me, gonna stay awhile. Beautiful and peaceful down here in the outback . Some beaches and Islands here.. yahoo!

Lots of deer tracks, and little critters. Crows are mad that I am here. Tide is out, good thing or I wouldn’t be able to get here, must remember to watch for the tide coming back in. I am not in the mood to get stuck here today! Sinky all around the island..probably can’t get over there. Been stuck in that kind of muck before. Think I will just follow up the coast a bit to see what I find.

Smells of low tide and salt water!! Can’t beat it..Hot day, warm gentle breeze. Founds some nice roots! Going for an early morn swim-no one around. The cool water is so refreshing makes you feel alive!

I don’t know how people can live in cities and be without all of this. I think I would dry up and blow away without being able to connect with mother earth. This place has all the riches I need, it takes me to a deeper feeling inside of me. Sometimes I feel like I am one with the land.  Like I’ve always been here, growing and changing. With all of Mother Nature’s gifts on this planet, as big and as many as there are, there shouldn’t be any hungry people on this earth, there should be plenty to feed everyone. The few people who run our world just keep continually raping the poor and taking for themselves. All the wealth of the world soon will be in the hands of just the few  who greedily destroy our planet .What goes around comes around, they don’t even know that. It’s useless to be attached to this life, because even if we live for a hundred years we will still have to die one day, furthermore we don’t know the hour it will come, it could happen anytime ……what will our belongings be to us then? In a sense to die a millionaire is no different than to die a wild animal.!





 Carters Beach

First warm spring day. The beaches look like lagoons. The sand hills are high. Too many sand dollars to pick up – colors are fantastic. The decaying trees on the island look like good pickins’ for fungi and lichen. No one for miles! I can see lots of orange star lichen -it’s plentiful everywhere. The scenery is so great; my mind paints it in my subconscious and waits for it to be recreated some day on a barrel head.

Time to go investigate.  Found a lot of stuff – a goldmine for sea urchins. Since the men have been diving for them I haven’t been finding them like I used to. The seagulls dropped them in the middle of the island and just feasted on them after they cracked open from the fall. Not too many little ones though – hard to find them. Lot’s of roots. Starving for lunch; peanut butter sandwich, marble cheese, donuts, pear and water. Yahoo!

Tide is coming; got to get back soon before I’m stuck. One more look up ahead. I can’t imagine any place more serene than this place today. Salty air nips at my face. Glistening sand, round rocks, miles of seclusion and water that ripples in off of a brute of an ocean.

First time this year barefoot in the sand. Water’s cold but not freezing. Found enough treasures today to maybe finish my new piece. (Can’t wait!). A few dirt road excursions first. With the price of gas I have to go to a few places since I’m all the way out here. I get a feeling summer is going to be great!

It’s three dimensional here; this is one of the first places that inspired me to do three dimensional in my pieces. Haven’t figured out the water yet. I don’t want to leave – think I’ll soak up the sun and watch the fishermen off shore pull up  their traps. So still on the beach. Flies and rock spiders are also out soaking up the sun. Big houses fill the coastline across the way, built or bought by foreigners with their keep- off signs (I ignore them). At this rate there won’t be any coastline left in Nova Scotia for the rest of us! I now have to go further back in the woods to be alone. I’m glad I live here with nature; the older I get the more in tune with myself and nature I become.

Found lots of bracket fungi on the way out. Good finds today. Tides in a bit – will have to wade back.




 Amazing Stone House!!!

My favorite place to go visit.. a beautiful stone house built in a beautiful but risky spot! already twice since it has been built huge storms have thrown gigantic boulders up from the ocean and crashed in through the windows. It is built right on the edge of a cliff looking down to the wild ocean! Amazing! The house has changed a bit since this video was done in 2013, so I will be back with an update as soon as I can.




 Collecting Barrel Heads!!

These barrel heads are what I do my Art on. Very hard to find now a days but back when this was videoed in 2013 there were lots..not so now!





I love sunrise and sunset, every day that I can I am out enjoying them. I am early to bed and early to rise….makes you healthy and wealthy and wise, so my Grandfather says and I believe him!




Beach Block

Some new people moved to town to build a summer house right by our famous Crescent Beach and decided to block our path that goes down to the beach that we have been using forever. They were saying that it was their land… this was a video of it. They were later made to move all of the rocks that they put in the way. I wrote a song about it called “No Trespassing” about people coming here and building their big’s an excerpt:

They all come a lookin tryin to find fresh air ,clean water and piece of mind. they buy all the land , put their fences around, they build their big houses and put their signs in the ground “Keep Off Private Property” “Keep off it’s my property”

So if you come a lookin know before you stay about the place you enter and be ready to change your ways, because “keep off” we don’t say that here, “keep out” we’re not like that here , no were not!


Old Abandoned House

I always wanted to go in and check out one of those old fallen down houses that I see so many of on my adventures in remote places, down long paths that no one treads any longer, to think that people had lived there and filled the house with so many memories and now it stands alone and falling down. So I came across one and decided to go in and check it out. This was the first video that I ever made so quality is not very good.


Book Launch



In 2011 a year that I worked for ‘Harmony Bazaar Music Festival’ here in Lockeport I was asked to research and write a book about the history of music in our area. So with the help of a great friend of mine who worked with me we set out to do just that. We met with all of the elderly people in Lockeport and took notes and collected pictures. One man by the name of Victor(Vic) Williams who is now in his mid 90’s was imperative in collecting all these old stories and such. He is a fantastic person and comes from a long line of story tellers. We dedicated the book to him, we love him dearly. We spent many hours going through all of our towns historical records and had a blast!  It took us a year to get everything together and then we had a grand book launch for “Music in Our Genes”. It was some of the very best times in my life for sure, I will never forget the people that have made such an impression on me. Some have passed from here but not from my heart. 🙂

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