Long Cove Adventure


(For some odd reason you may have to let the video load first, hope to fix that soon)

Heading down on an adventure today… I found an old dirt road that I haven’t been down before…let’s see what’s at the end of it. It’s always an adventure ..what a beautiful spot, the day is sunny ..salty air.. wind in your face.. perfect! As I approached the end of the long road I kept coming across signs of ” Elinor’s Dis & Dat shop ” come and visit!..and I said to myself  “Well I have to find out where this little shop is”.  I then came across some stuffed animals nailed onto an old log and some more interesting things..it got my curiosity going.!   I came across part of an old lighthouse and after talking with some  people they said that was just part of the lighthouse , the other part was moved up on a hill across the road.

As I approached the end of the road I saw some old sheds that looked really interesting. One had the door open and a sign read “Elinor’s Dis & Dat Shop, come on in” so in I went and the next thing I heard was a lady hollering to come over and visit. So over I go to visit her, she heard me before she could see me as she doesn’t have very good eyesight. Her name was Elinor Selig-Roberts. She is 85 and has lived there most of her life like her parents and her grandparents before that. What a lovely talk and visit we had.

I have gone back many times in the last few months to visit with her, she has so many wonderful stories to tell. She keeps me spellbind-ed. I sure do love her, we have become great friends. She wrote a wonderful book on the history of Long Cove and her life, it is a great read!  Her second book is coming out soon so I hope to do another video with her. I had to upload this video in Part 1 and Part 2 as it was so long . This video is just about my adventure and meeting her for the first time. I hope you enjoy it. I had a great time making it. 🙂




One Comment on “Long Cove Adventure

  1. Awesome and thank you for sharing this on Elinor! I visited her and Long Cove two weeks ago. I took a bunch of pictures and as we were leaving Elinor came over and talked us. She seem well and mentioned closing of the Dis and dbat shop. She and this place intreges me. I’m going to try to obtain her books and read them soon.
    Don Thorpe
    Nashville, NC

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