Lockeport 1972 CBC Radio interview: The view from Ginger Hill


I love Lockeport, we are a little island that you needed a boat to get to at high tide and could walk to at low tide, then in the early part of the century a causeway was put in and sand dunes built up to protect it. We have one way in and one way out. We are island people and proud to be so. We have a famous beautiful long beach(as you can see on the map) well we actually have a lot of beaches around our whole island. Fishing was always the main industry until it declined, but our history is steeped in it. I collect a lot of history of Lockeport and  I found this old interview that CBC had done on Lockeport in 1972. They came down and interviewed a bunch of people about Lockeports history. It’s fantastic to listen to!! I have a few of the barrel heads from some of the old barrels that they mention, one is from the old Sutherland store with 1932 on the back. These are what I do my Art on.  If your from Lockeport and over 50 you will probably recognize the voices of some of the people, I recognized some of them but some I do not; Vivian McMillan, old Mac Huskilson, Farley Swim, Lillian Benham…… It is 46 min long and I’m not sure if that was the end or if there is more out there…it starts about 7 seconds into it. Enjoy!

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