The Stone House revisit…

I haven’t been down to the Stone House all year…it’s my favorite spot to go…it’s very remote and way down a long dirt road . It’s built right on the edge of the land/cliff, some folks say it should never have been built there but I love it.

No one lives there in the winter as it is so remote its very hard to get out of there in the snow. This month they have been preparing the house for winter so they have pulled the decks up over the windows to protect them and they have drained the rock swimming pool so you won’t get a great look at what the house really looks like but I will post a couple of pictures of what it looks like in the summer months. I also have a video in one of my older posts of the house that I took  3 or 4  years ago during the summer.
The swimming pool is built-in the crevices of the ledge rock and the entire house is made of stone. The inside has heated stone floors…really nice. A few years back a big storm along with a high tide rolled a boulder up the side of the cliff and threw it right through the living room window. If I’m not mistaken this has happened twice in the life time of the house which I think is around 25 years or so. So the owner has decided to make things stronger and redo some of the decks. It was a nice morning for a drive so I decided to go and see what they have been doing to it….I also got to see a great blue heron and a bald eagle along the way…my kinda place to live…



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