Pictures from Lockeport’s Past

I Love the history of Lockeport and all of the old pictures so I thought that I would post a few for those who enjoy them as much as I do. I’m not so sure if I have the caption correct on each of them but they are great pics to share with those are interested in our history. I love Lockeport! One way in and one way out and surrounded by water..gotta love that! The sea is in our blood. It’s easy to do my Art living so close to nature. 🙂

Sam and Elena Turners wedding
Sam and Elena Turners wedding
Lockeport Harbour taken at head of church street
Lockeport Harbour taken at head of church street
maggie and brother ted humpan
Maggie Hupman and brother Ted
the beach drifters (2)
The Beach Drifters
Sept. 12, 1899
South Street Sept 12, 1899
picket line ...lockeout
Picket line during the Lockeout
old theatre
Capital Theatre
old elementary school
Old Elementary schoolhouse just before tear down
freddy the freeloader (2)
Freddy the freeloader during the Parade
Old Drug Store
Old Drugstore
North St.
North Street
Picket line during Lockeport Lockeout
The old Locke house!
The Sutherland family and Vic Williams.
guys in brophy's bowling ally
A few of the names are Lindsey Doleman,Charlie Balish,Clare ?,Brophy,old Mac, ?, and Jim harding?
gramp,Harold balish,norman anderson sr,brophy, and others - Copy - Copy
some names are, Elroy Williams(My Grandfather),Brophy, Harold Balish, Mort Mackenzie,Norman Anderson
dolemans store
Doleman’s store
Doleman's store
Doleman’s Store
The D.D Mann Ferry
Train coming across the tracks
Charlies magic tent show 1939
Charlie Balish’s Magic tent Show, early 1930’s
Celie Turner!!
Celie Turner1 Wonderful woman!
cecil sutherland down by sutherlands store
Blind Cecil Sutherland down by the Sutherland Store
Cecil Grailys machine shop in the back jpg
Ted Williams? outside the Balish Store with Cecil Graily’s machine shop behind him
building the railroad
Laying the railroad tracks
otherside of Balish Store early 30;s
balish's store
Balish Store 1960’s
Balish Sore in the distance
Balish store…and the empty spot is where the Post Office is now..
balish store
Earliest pic of Balish’s Store

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