cropped-cropped-about-me-0062.jpgJulie Locke-Balish

I was born and grew up and still live in Lockeport  Nova Scotia , a tiny beautiful island of around 500 people. There is one way in and one way out by a causeway that was built in the early part of the century but before that there was just a sand flat where the tide would come in and out and sometimes cut the town off.  We are surrounded by rocky shores and white sand beaches. I live right on the shore line surrounded by woods with an island 700 feet from my doorstep, going to sleep to the sounds of waves and waking to the sound of the robin and the beautiful colors of sunrise gleaming in through my window. I have always played along the shores and in the woods since a tiny girl.

These are the places now where I collect everything that I use in my Art. We are surrounded by other tiny islands where I take my kayak and tent and go collecting. Some of the places I go to are very remote and hard to get to, but I love the adventure with fresh salt air and brisk strong winds to guide me.

All the driftwood that I use has been collected along these shores, the sand dollars and sea urchins along the beaches, the fungi and lichen in the deep woods. To me my work is completely unique and totally Nova Scotian.

My Art is sculpted on what is called a “Barrel Head”. These are the tops and bottoms of old Herring, Swish, Punchin, Hogshead and Butt barrels and come in various sizes from 18″ to 33″. These barrels were made in Nova Scotia and used by Schooners in the early 1900’s travelling back and forth to India and Africa to carry things like spices, flour, molasses etc. They are very hard to find these days!

For me my Art is spiritual, it takes me to a place of peace. I hope they reflect the spirit and energy that they were created with.

Along with being a beachcomber/Artist I also am a Preschool teacher who  loves photography/videography and tend not to go too far without my camera. I love music and am a sometimes singer songwriter along with being a sometimes basketball coach. 🙂