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Lockeport 1972 CBC Radio interview: The view from Ginger Hill

I love Lockeport, we are a little island that you needed a boat to get to at high tide and could walk to at low tide, then in the early part of the century a causeway was put in and sand dunes built up…

Guest On Maritime Noon’s Beachcombing Show

I was asked along with Teri Hall (who works with beach glass) to talk about Beachcombing and Sea Glass on the  CBC Maritime Noon show…had fun! (Our talk doesn’t start until 13 minutes into the audio podcast.)

Long Cove Adventure

(For some odd reason you may have to let the video load first, hope to fix that soon) Heading down on an adventure today… I found an old dirt road that I haven’t been down before…let’s see what’s at the end of it. It’s…

This site is not just about my Art but about all the adventures that I go on while looking for materials for my Art. I go beachcombing all over the shores of Nova Scotia and take video and write stories about my adventures. Some…

Lockeport July 1st Fireworks 2017

  Lockeport July 1st fireworks!