This site is not just about my Art but about all the adventures that I go on while looking for materials for my Art. I go beachcombing all over the shores of Nova Scotia and take video and write stories about my adventures. Photography has become my newest passion.


Adventures with my Preschool class…

I love children and have the pleasure of teaching preschool 5 mornings a week…and I also love videography and photography so I mix them all together and make a monthly little slideshow of all the pictures that I take of our fun and adventures. This slideshow below is our latest and our last of the year ending with our little Graduation of my 5 year is sooooo much fun for all of us to be together just being kids..exploring, creating, sharing and expressing ourselves in many different ways. What a joy!!

(For more fun videos check out Lockeport Area Preschool on our Facebook page.)

Pictures from Lockeport’s Past

I Love the history of Lockeport and all of the old pictures so I thought that I would post a few for those who enjoy them as much as I do. I’m not so sure if I have the caption correct on each of them but they are great pics to share with those are interested in our history. I love Lockeport! One way in and one way out and surrounded by water..gotta love that! The sea is in our blood. It’s easy to do my Art living so close to nature. 🙂

Sam and Elena Turners wedding
Sam and Elena Turners wedding
Lockeport Harbour taken at head of church street
Lockeport Harbour taken at head of church street
maggie and brother ted humpan
Maggie Hupman and brother Ted
the beach drifters (2)
The Beach Drifters
Sept. 12, 1899
South Street Sept 12, 1899
picket line ...lockeout
Picket line during the Lockeout
old theatre
Capital Theatre
old elementary school
Old Elementary schoolhouse just before tear down
freddy the freeloader (2)
Freddy the freeloader during the Parade
Old Drug Store
Old Drugstore
North St.
North Street
Picket line during Lockeport Lockeout
The old Locke house!
The Sutherland family and Vic Williams.
guys in brophy's bowling ally
A few of the names are Lindsey Doleman,Charlie Balish,Clare ?,Brophy,old Mac, ?, and Jim harding?
gramp,Harold balish,norman anderson sr,brophy, and others - Copy - Copy
some names are, Elroy Williams(My Grandfather),Brophy, Harold Balish, Mort Mackenzie,Norman Anderson
dolemans store
Doleman’s store
Doleman's store
Doleman’s Store
The D.D Mann Ferry
Train coming across the tracks
Charlies magic tent show 1939
Charlie Balish’s Magic tent Show, early 1930’s
Celie Turner!!
Celie Turner1 Wonderful woman!
cecil sutherland down by sutherlands store
Blind Cecil Sutherland down by the Sutherland Store
Cecil Grailys machine shop in the back jpg
Ted Williams? outside the Balish Store with Cecil Graily’s machine shop behind him
building the railroad
Laying the railroad tracks
otherside of Balish Store early 30;s
balish's store
Balish Store 1960’s
Balish Sore in the distance
Balish store…and the empty spot is where the Post Office is now..
balish store
Earliest pic of Balish’s Store

The Stone House revisit…

I haven’t been down to the Stone House all year…it’s my favorite spot to go…it’s very remote and way down a long dirt road . It’s built right on the edge of the land/cliff, some folks say it should never have been built there but I love it.

No one lives there in the winter as it is so remote its very hard to get out of there in the snow. This month they have been preparing the house for winter so they have pulled the decks up over the windows to protect them and they have drained the rock swimming pool so you won’t get a great look at what the house really looks like but I will post a couple of pictures of what it looks like in the summer months. I also have a video in one of my older posts of the house that I took  3 or 4  years ago during the summer.
The swimming pool is built-in the crevices of the ledge rock and the entire house is made of stone. The inside has heated stone floors…really nice. A few years back a big storm along with a high tide rolled a boulder up the side of the cliff and threw it right through the living room window. If I’m not mistaken this has happened twice in the life time of the house which I think is around 25 years or so. So the owner has decided to make things stronger and redo some of the decks. It was a nice morning for a drive so I decided to go and see what they have been doing to it….I also got to see a great blue heron and a bald eagle along the way…my kinda place to live…



“Be Amazed” Art Structure

So for a few years now every time that I drive past Bridgewater I see this great art structure being built along the side of the highway. It looks so amazing that I try to slow down and have a look, but it’s a very busy spot on the highway so I never seem to actually stop and get out . So today I am going to find out exactly where it is and get a good look at it. Its Sunday and no one is there and it’s locked up but I do get a chance to go around it and get some video. It has been built with a number of artists contributing to it. The sign says “Bern Art” and you can check it out on Facebook but I am putting a link to his web page for you to check out for more info. The Maze “Be Amazed”

Lockeport 1972 CBC Radio interview: The view from Ginger Hill


I love Lockeport, we are a little island that you needed a boat to get to at high tide and could walk to at low tide, then in the early part of the century a causeway was put in and sand dunes built up to protect it. We have one way in and one way out. We are island people and proud to be so. We have a famous beautiful long beach(as you can see on the map) well we actually have a lot of beaches around our whole island. Fishing was always the main industry until it declined, but our history is steeped in it. I collect a lot of history of Lockeport and  I found this old interview that CBC had done on Lockeport in 1972. They came down and interviewed a bunch of people about Lockeports history. It’s fantastic to listen to!! I have a few of the barrel heads from some of the old barrels that they mention, one is from the old Sutherland store with 1932 on the back. These are what I do my Art on.  If your from Lockeport and over 50 you will probably recognize the voices of some of the people, I recognized some of them but some I do not; Vivian McMillan, old Mac Huskilson, Farley Swim, Lillian Benham…… It is 46 min long and I’m not sure if that was the end or if there is more out there…it starts about 7 seconds into it. Enjoy!